Taking your dogs out for a walk?  Then our Dog Collars & Dog Leashes is a must.  We also have Shrinkable FasTags Dog ID Tags that are fun to make and Glow In The Dark dog tags that glows brightly and intensify in the glare of headlights…at night for your nightly stroll. 


Tail Wagging Gifts For Your Best Friend...

Dog Collars, Dog Leash




Dog Collars/Dog Leashes/Dog Tags  
How to measure your Dog
How to measure your dog

Shrinkable FasTags Dog IDFasTags! The do it yourself pet tag kit for the concerned pet owner!


Cat FasTags Also Available !! Cat FasTags

Dog House Shrinkable FasTags Pet IDFasTags!

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Personalized Glow In The Dark - Dog I.D. Tag - Glows brightly and intensify in the glare of headlights…protects your pets from getting run over. A great aid when your pet goes astray. You can print your pet's ID on the reverse side so if it gets lost someone can contact you.

Personalized Glow In The Dark -Dog I.D. Tag

Dog Rolled Snake Print Collar
Beautiful Super Soft, Flexible Rolled Snake Print Leather Collars.  Available in Assorted colors: 
Due to the lighting when  pics were taken these Collars/Leashes may appear to be more brighter onlind  than they actually are.

Rolled Snake Print Dog Collar

12" x 3/8" $12.00 $10.00 Color

20" by " Dog Collar $22.00 $20.00

14" x 1/2" $16.00 $14.00 Color

22" x 1" Dog Collar $22.00 $20.00

Black Leather Dog Heart Collar
Here's a leather dog collar that really stands out! Brass and nickel hearts all over it shows how much you love your pet. Beautiful, durable and strong. Double lined with suede!

Dog Leather Collar

14" in x 1/2" Size $21.99 $19.99
FasTag Permanent Marking Pen
FasTag Permanent Marking Pens are specially packaged and made to work with FasTag shrinking ID tags. Sharpie fine point permanent markers work as well.

FasTag Permanent Marking Pen


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