Make the feeding time of your dog a happy one. We have Dog Feeding Mats, Dog Feeding Bowls, Dog Dish & Dog Water Reminder.  All the things to keep your dog or pet eating time an enjoyable one.


Dog & Puppy Bowls
Dog Feeders - Tail Wagging Gifts For Your Best Friend...

Dog Feeding Accessories



Dog Feeding Accessories   
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Dog Feeding Bowl Ceramic Stick
Instead of hiding your dog bowls, display them with pride.

Flawlessly crafted hand painted ceramic bowls of unmatched quality. Skilled American craftsmen form the heaviest bowls in the pet industry with the finest of clays. Then our artisans decorate the bowls with a creative design, sign each piece, glaze and twice fire them for brilliant color and durability. Like all hand painted pieces, each is slightly different from the other- therein lies the charm. - Dishwasher safe.

Stick Dog Bowl

Lg $31.50

Med $23.50
Sm $15.50

Dog Feeding Mats "The Dog Artist" Collection
This dog feeding mat is 16-1/4" x 10-1/4" . Has a moisture resistant surface with a nonskid backing. Tan Background.

The Dog Artist Feeding Mat

Breed Choice


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"The Dog Artist" Collection - Click Here

Dog Water Bowl Reminder.
(Does not include dish) will let you know when the water dish is low.

Place RUFF on the side of any standard water dish, as long as his tongue is sitting in water he will be quiet, but if the water level gets low RUFF is activated to say "hey my bowl is empty", did you forget about me? I’m thirsty RUFF will send you a reminder every 10 minutes, or until the water is re-filled, don’t worry there is also an OFF button.

Dog water minder


Dog Feeding Dish - Acrylic
This is a durable acrylic dog feeding dish with stylish 3D paw prints & bones on the rim of the dish. A must have for that "pet" basket! 7 3/4" diameter... dog bowl holds 16 ozs.

Acryllic Pet Dish


2-in-1  Pet Dish Bowl
Features a heavy gage 1qt stainless steel and a colorful plastic bowl. A sanitary and hygienic feeding system. When separated, the steel bowl can be used for food and the plastic one for water. Three (3) colors: Marbleized Blue, Black, Teal & Granite.

2-in-1 pet bowl


Dog Feeding  Bowl _ Hydrants and Bones
This colorful dog bowl holds 2 cup of your dog food or water. Adorned with colorful Hydrants and Bones on the outside.

Hydrant Color-Me-Love S.S. Dog Bowl


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