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Zig-n-Zag Cat Activity Ball 
Crazy Zig-n-Zag activity ball has weight inside which creates an un-predictable roll. It's a challenging toy for active cats.

Zig Zag Cat Toy


Cat Frame, Toy and Fashion Tag Gift Set. Owners can proudly display a favorite photo. Kitties love the catnip filled plush toy and the stylish collar tag is a must for every fashionable feline.

Cat Frame, Toy and Fashion Tag Gift Set

Crinkle Ball Cat Toy  
These original crinkle balls are durable and fluffy with that crinkly sound that drives cats wild! Measures 2 1/2" across.
Cat Crinkle Ball Toy
Interactive Crinkle Wand Cat Toy
Suction cup at base of cat toy makes this a play anywhere treat. This cat toy is topped with a large original crinkle ball (2 1/2") that cats can play with alone/with friends/or you.
Interactive Crinkle Wand


Eeeks Mice Cat Toy  
EEEKs! have a furry soft back and canvas tummy. Filled with catnip, EEEks also have a rattle inside. Finally a mice that your kitty can drop at your feet!!! Eeek. Come in assorted colors. Please allow us to choose the color
Eeeks Mice Cat Toy
Rainbow Sock w/Catnip Toy.
Perfect Cat Fun Toy.
Rainbow Sock Cat Toy
Cat Crackling Hide n Seek Sack
Kitty Krackling Hide-n-Seek Sack has a plastic krinkle lining between layers or cotton fabric to entice cats to play. Wire rim on the mouth of the bag keeps sack open for easy access. Velcro closure at the end allows the bag to be converted into a fun tunnel. Comes in bright neon green with a cute kitty print and eyelet trim. Measures: 17 1/2" L x 9 1/2 W..

Cat Crackling Hide N Seek Sack

The Play-N-Squeak™ Mouse Cat Toy
Is an interactive cat toy for your cat. Your cat will enjoy hours of fun! Computer chip activated cat toy, reduces separation anxiety, looks and sounds real! Catnip enhanced, mentally stimulating. For cats who love to stalk their prey, Play-N-Squeak™ is the ultimate in excitement. Mouse measures 3" in length.
Play-N-Squeak™ Cat Toy
Snuggle Bugs Cat Toy
5" Bugs have a soft velour on the outside and a crunchy material on the inside ... just like a real bug. Come in assorted colors. Here's a snuggle bug that your kitty cat can continually swat.!!!!
Snuggle Bugs Cat Toy
$4.50 ea.
Boogie Cat Mats
Catnip Refillable Boogie Mats allow kitty to stretch out and play or sleep in style. Washable 13”x 16.5” mats come in three styles. Fish, Bird & Oriental.
Boogie Mats Cat Toy

$12.00 Styles

Cat Greeting Card wt Catnip Toy
These cat greeting cards come with a catnip toy attached. The crunch greeting cards were developed by a veterinarian to provide healthy treats and to improve the bond between pets, their owners, and their friends.

Cat Greeting Card wt Catnip Toy

"Just Bepaws. Greeting Card .."

View "Kitty with Love Greeting Card"

View "Happy Birthday Greeting Card"
$5.00 Design


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