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Video Catnip VHS Tape 
This video catnip is the best selling tape for cats. Filled with lots of action of birds, squirrels and other furry creatures. LENGTH: 2 HOURS

VHS Video CatnipTape

VHS - Tape $9.99

The best selling DVD for cats. Filled with lots of action of birds, squirrels and other furry creatures. LENGTH: 2 HOURS
DVD video catnip CD

DVD CD $16.99

Cat Collars & Cat Tags     Menu

Cat Heated & Unheated Window Sill Perch..
This Kitty window sill has incorporated advanced engineering for strength and ease of assembly, with an attractive oval design. It comes un-heated or heat with a dual thermostat heating unit buried deep within super soft orthopedic foam and is removable for year round comfort. The heater is pre-set to keep the sleeping surface 12° to 15° above ambient air temperature and warms to your kitties natural body temperature when they lie on it. No tools are necessary for installation when using the provided Velcro® fasteners. We also include screws for a more permanent attachment. One year limited warranty.  • Recommended for indoor use • Large enough for big cats, measuring 14" x 24" • Uses only 6 watts • Sturdy design will support the largest of cats • Removable heater, washable cover • Orthopedic sleeping surface • MET Listed • 1 year warranty

VHS Video CatnipTape

$69.75 - Heated
$42.26 - Un-Heated

Zanies Jingle Bell Cat Collars
These festive collars appeal to the eyes and ears with goldtone buckles and bells. Cat Collars feature a plaid bow with a single bell, have a 3/8" width and are available in solid Red or Green.

Zanies Jingle Bell Cat Collars Zanies Jingle Bell Cat Collars

$3.75 ea. Color

Shrinkable Cat ID FasTags!
The do it yourself pet tag kit for the concerned pet owner!


Dog FasTags Also Available!! Cat FasTags

Shrinkable Cat Id FasTags
Shrinkable Cat Id FasTags


FasTag Cat Id Permanent Marking Pen
FasTag Cat Id Permanent Marking Pens are specially packaged and made to work with FasTag shrinking ID tags. Sharpie fine point permanent markers work as well.

FasTag Permanent Marking Pen

$1.00 ea.

Personalized Cat I.D. Tag
Glows brightly and intensify in the glare of headlights…protects your pets from getting run over. A great aid when your pet goes astray. You can print your pet's id on the reverse side so if it gets lost someone can contact you.

Cat I.D. Tag



Breakaway Cat Safety Collar
An Adjustable nylon Breakaway Cat Safety Collar by Guardian Gear. Collars feature a plastic quick-release buckles that release to keep cats safe if collar become snagged. Collars measure 3/8" wide and adjust from 8" to 12". Brightly colored nylon collars include a color-coordinated jingle bell.
**Please be aware that bells can become a choking hazard for your cat, therefore, please consider removing the bells from all cat collars, even on a Safety breakaway collar!

Cat Collar

Breakaway Cat Safety Collar Colors

$4.25 Color

Kitty (Cat) Diner     Menu
Kitty Water RUFF-minder
(does not include dish) KITTY will let you know when the water dish is low.

Kitty Water RUFF-minder


2-in-1 Cat Dish Bowl
Features a heavy gage 1qt stainless steel and a colorful plastic bowl. A sanitary and hygienic feeding system. When separated, the steel bowl can be used for food and the plastic one for water. Three (3) colors: Marbleized Blue, Black, Teal & Granite.

2-in-1 pet bowl

$6.50 Color

Kitty Cat Feeding Dish
Stainless Steel Bowl holds 2 cup of your pets food or water. Adorned with Fish! Kitty Caps, XOX and Spoiled Heart on the outside

Kitty Cat Feeding Dish


Cat Goodies & Cat Treats     Menu

Cat Treats & Toys - purr-fectly delicious - For Cats Only! Cats ask for it by name.




Cat Buddy Biscuits - Bake at Home Treats, Chicken 'n Liver


Buddy Biscuits - Bake at Home Cat Treats


Cat Zoom Groom Brush ®
Cat Zoom Groom brush feels great and works like a champ to remove loose hair and condition skin. Effective on all cats! Also works well on small dogs and most furry critters. 

Cat Zoom Groom Brush



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